Project Description

Albert Evans captured candidly in rehearsal. New York, 1999

Albert Evans


When I look at this image of Albert, I see an all too rare moment of repose for him. Many of us know well and can never forget Albert’s outgoing personality
– his kindness, his humor, his smile, the remarkable ( and constant) care and generosity he showed toward everyone in his orbit.
He was always “on” for others – giving every ounce of his energy to the work and towards the comfort and uplift of those around him.
He was a light and he not only lit up every room he entered, but he also lit up every soul he came into contact with.
To me, this image captures an all too rare sight – a moment of calm and self reflection – possibly a reboot for himself – human, relaxed (and even tired) – a rare glimpse of him at rest.

Wendy Whelan
Associate Artistic Director,
New York City Ballet