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Spotlight Galleries

Spotlight Galleries presents a selection of slideshows that take a uniquely close look at its subjects. Some collections highlight my long-term relationship with a given company, which make it possible – and fascinating – to watch that company evolve over time and through a variety of repertoire. Several collections focus on the evolution of a single dancer, while other slideshows concentrate on specific themes, among them a look inside my 2004 visit to document the Freed Factory and my ongoing series on varieties of the exquisite orchid plant. In this gallery you can also see my pandemic series, titled Signs of the Times.


Fire Island Dance Festival

Wall of Bows

A collection of “page bows” taken during ABT’s annual spring season at the Met Opera House.


“Don’t compare her to sunshine and roses when she’s clearly orchids and moonlight.”

Inside the Freed Factory

In 2004 I received the dream assignment, thanks to my dear friend, dancer, teacher and writer, Janice Barringer.

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